Empty Bowls and Bloomin' for Good Program Announcement. Photo of Bloomin' 4 Good Bouquet.

During June, we will receive $1 for every Bloomin’ 4 Good bouquet purchased at Stop & Shop!

We are so excited to share that, for the entire month of June, Empty Bowls Attleboro Area has been selected by store leadership to benefit from the Stop & Shop’s Bloomin’ 4 Good Program, created to fight hunger across the communities served by Stop & Shop.

Purchase a $10.99 bouquet in the sleeve marked “Bloomin’ 4 Good” from the Stop & Shop at Pleasant Street, Attleboro during June, which will brighten a home or make someone’s day while also directing a $1 donation to Empty Bowls Attleboro Area.

This is a great way to broaden awareness in the local community and raise donations for our organization to help fight hunger.

Let’s get started! Share the news with friends and family. Call, send emails, and post on social media. The more bouquets sold, the greater the donation we will receive from Stop & Shop!

A reminder: The Empty Bowls Attleboro Area Bowl Pick Up and Picnic will be held on September 21 at Capron Park in Attleboro. Ticket will be available soon