We are so excited for all our Empty Bowl friends that have purchased tickets to our event on Saturday at the Capron Park Newell Shelter! 

We wanted to run through the details of how this is going to work. 

  • If you are not feeling well, please don’t come. We can figure out how to get you a bowl when you are feeling better.
  • Please park either in the Bushee Street lot, or on any of the park’s interior roads
  • If you can, please print your ticket.
  • Please look at your ticket. The time that has been allotted to you is printed on that ticket.  Please do not come earlier, you will have to wait.  We are mandated to control how many people can be in the shelter at one time.

For each ticket you purchased, you will receive a bowl.

Our artists have each picked out samples of their bowls to display.  If you like what is displayed and decide that this is the style for you…you will exchange your ticket for a bag.  That bag will have a bowl crafted by that artist.  If you like to walk on the wild side, we will have a mystery table.  All the bowls are beautiful. Each bowl is unique and made with love!  Last year, you picked out your bowl, this year your bowl will pick you! Inside the bag is also a coupon for a cup a soup donated by Morin’s.  When you eat that soup, think about all those that you have helped with your participation today.

We have beautiful raffle items!  We are selling raffle cards. Each card has 25 tickets. 1 card for $20.00 and 3 cards for $50.00 (75 tickets!)

We will log your raffle card number and your contact information.  If you win, we will call you and make arrangements for you to get your item.

We also will have a sale table with some fabulous items starting as low as $10.00.  We are encouraging cash – that will be very helpful to us!

Please wear your masks and respect the social distancing protocol’s. We wish that you could hang around and chit chat with us, but the next group will be waiting! Maybe next year.

Please leave with your heart full, because today you have made all the difference. 

See you Saturday!

Martha, Sarah, Sally, Donna, Dave & Darlene