We are Empty Bowls Attleboro Area

Empty Bowls is an international project started several decades ago by potters and ceramic artists who create handmade bowls, solicit food and other support, and host a community meal. Attending guests, who pay to share in the meal, choose a bowl to keep as a reminder of their support of helping to fill the many empty bowls in their neighborhood and the world.

All of the proceeds go directly to alleviating hunger.

Empty Bowls events now support food related charities around the world and have raised millions of dollars to fight against hunger. They strengthen communities, support local artists by celebrating beautiful pottery and educate people about hunger and poverty.

Empty Bowls Attleboro was founded by Sarah Mott, Sally Cobb, Martha Machnik and Darlene Blazejewski. We will host our own event a Community Meal on November 10, 2019, 5 to 7 p.m., at The Attleboro Y and look forward to contributing to our local area organizations, The Attleboro Y and Food n’ Friends, whose work directly aids those neighbors of ours who lack food security.

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